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Greetings everyone

I have some time available to start researching future mod packs for the server to upgrade to.

if you have any suggestions of packs that we should look into please do so in this post.

I have seen the post about the Overload suggestion and we will add it to the list of things to consider.

many of you may wonder why now or why not earlier.
before (when I had time) there just wasnt very much interest to move to any of the available mod packs.... they either had far less items or where WAY too uber hard.

And around of thanks is welcome to all staff for keeping things running as best they can. They really do love you guys
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As you guys know I'm moving. The server will be moved some time tomorrow Friday. It should only be down for an hour or two. I will try to do it in the morning.
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Today we will be performing a roll back of the server back to to Saturday morning. A large group of the DadeCraft players were victims of mass illegal grief which was performed by a group of donators. We have banned the initial involved individuals and are working to investigate and punish others who may have worked with them.

As a reminder please make sure all agebooks are kept uber secure.

an additional reminder... we do not give warnings to those who grief / rule break with donor items. instant-perma-ban .

We have adding another mining world (dense ores & always day) and the old mining world will be closing down within the next week.

We will be allowing a credit redemption for the 2 days that were lost.
claim with /kit rollback2 (and dont drink it)

Mod pack updates.. the future of Dadecraft.

I have been focusing on creating our own mod pack which will be released and distributed with the FTB launcher.
This will allow us to add and remove mods as we see fit as...
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For those who don't know about this contest here is the information HERE


Congratulations to this months winners.


It was a 3 way tie for 1st place! they each will get 3 entries into the contest. here are the current standings!

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Well clearly Thursdays have not been good for me.

so this is what I'm going to do. at some point today or tomorrow I will create the new worlds and attach them to the server. the old worlds will be accessible using a warp command but you will not be allowed to build there. and eventually in a week I will delete them. so no worries about losing your stuff. You'll be able to go to the old quarry world and pickup your items just wont be able to place anything.

more info to follow in this thread. as well as a better way for everyone to have a schedule of resetting these worlds.
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A lot of you guys are making advanced bases and it seems we have discovered another flaw with too many things connected together with IC2 power.
This one Quantum generator powers about a hundred machines all on the same power grid without any MFSU/MFE/BatBOX buffer

The issue is people run their entire bases off of one quantum generator or they run hundreds of machines on the same power line from a quantum generator or a bank of transformers or energy bridges

This is all running from one quantum generator all on the same wire

Also some people are configure quantum generators with Packet set to 1, 32 ,128 and output set to 32000. this is just crazy stupid amounts of energy for such low power devices.

For quantum generators please keep the output less than 15 x packet size

please please please go back and re-evaluate your power grids, the best way to keep you lag free is to have a small group of machines (20) powered by its own bank of...
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Hey guys hows it going!

Here is an update on our progress.

1. New test server is built and running a million times better than the old old old server
2. The new super custom server for Hexxit and Unleashed is built and running. OSs are installed and we are now ready to move forwards to development/test/production.
3. The new SQL server is working WONDEROUS on the ultimate server.
4. the tick rate on the Ultimate server most of the time is doing great. most of the slowness is due to people building WAYYY more than they need/or can sell or a system that is just overlycomplicated-retarted, but the good news is unlike before the areas are unloading once the players log off and the tick rate recovers without force unloading.
5. The Tekkit Classic server is not forgotten and will be back very soon.
6. The weekly reset WILL HAPPEN FOR SURE THIS WEEK. the last few thursdays have been hella busy with family and work. but for sure this Thurday PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your items out of the...
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Is now active with the following perks!

Premium Members-
Can capture and train vanilla animals
They will be non aggressive
You can name them what ever you like(do not break rules)
You can use the following MyPet commands:

VIP Members-
Can capture and train Vanilla monsters and animals
They can be aggressive or passive
You can name them what ever you like(do not break rules)
You can use the following MyPet commands:

Here are some links on how to use this system.


How to capture a mob:

Hunger explained:

Full Wiki:

Some pets can activate skill trees and abilities more information on this located at the full wiki.
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With all the code changes and updates to the ultimate pack. we have learned the hard way that there is a high chance that the map would corrupt. on top of that we have many players running around with items half configured with the old and new versions or disabled items of the mod. AND On top of that with many items showing chunk-loading abilities many players have seen the tick rate over time slowly and slowly get lower and lower. its just a matter of time that the server will be at 3TPS or lower no matter who is on just from peoples bases being auto loaded and running. The server is crashing every day and the crash reports I find on the internet all lead to servers stating their map was corrupt and they had to reset the map.

With the mod packs changing and FTB team moving forward. Our best option for everyone to enjoy ultimate is to reset the map with some major changes in regards to the items causing us heartache. I know it sucks and with vanilla a map wipe never happens...
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With a lot of modpacks being available and some being updated/replaced (ultimate/unhinged). we have many players eager to branch out.

Here is our road map of what is going to happen over the next few days.

1. Tekkit classic will be completely reset and restarted back to a build similar to our FTB server. one sever one world.

2. The Hexxit PVP server will be completed and opened to the public.

3. DadeCraft's final features for the ultimate server will be launched/added to the FTB Ultimate Server. Since the FTB team will no be adding anything more to the mod pack we will be locking in our offerings and features for the FTB Ultimate server. The FTB Ultimate server will be treated like the Tekkit Classic server and will remain running as long as there is a demand. Does this mean we will no longer be supporting the FTB ultimate server? NO! Alot of my time I have been spending on a potential FTB Ultimate cloud which is no where near completion and by the time it is FTB Ultimate...